The Unexpected Royals Series

Dancing With a Royal

Clara is a soloist with the Los Angeles Ballet Theater who knows she has what it takes to become a principal dancer.

When one of the major stars slated to appear in the World Stars of Ballet gala suddenly bows out, Clara is invited as a last-minute fill-in. She’s about to dance on the biggest stages of her life. Her dream is one step closer to becoming a reality.

Prince David is a royal who prefers working behind the scenes, away from the glare of the spotlight.

When he is summoned home to London to mend whatever royal mess his cousin has left behind this time, little does he know, his journey will lead him down a path he never expected.

Neither Clara nor David is looking for a relationship, but their hearts have other ideas.

When love takes center stage, can a ballerina and a prince defy the odds and discover their own fairy tale ending?

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Jiving With a Royal

Amanda is a flight attendant whose job is to ensure passenger comfort and safety while cruising at 30,000 feet.

Eddie is a prince who is working hard to reform his tarnished reputation and partying image before he joins the army.

Their two lives couldn’t be more different.

When Amanda’s best friend begins dating Eddie’s cousin, she never imagined she might actually meet the man she’s harbored a crush on since childhood—until a chance encounter changes everything.

As Eddie enters Amanda’s life, they become friends. Both learn that there is much more to one another than meets the eye.

Will Eddie dance away with Amanda’s heart and into a world of unexpected love?

If you are a fan of all things Disney, “I Love Lucy,” and royalty, this sweet, closed-door romance is for you!

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Designing for a Royal

A year ago, Clarissa Lee was an unknown, struggling London based fashion designer. Then, a surprise phone call from the royal palace changed her life. Fast forward to the present where business is booming and she is creating the dress for the upcoming royal wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Leeds. Her work life is a fairy-tale.

Her personal life, however, is another story. After the scars of a past relationship, Clarissa closed her heart off to the world, afraid to trust again.

Patrick Nelson, the Earl of Renbrook, understands what it is like to be broken. It has been two years since his last relationship and his father’s untimely death. When his mother announces she has remarried, Patrick seeks to escape the family estate. A meeting in London with his childhood friend, the Duke of Leeds, provides the perfect excuse.

When Clarissa and Patrick unexpectedly meet, sparks fly. Together can they learn to conquer the past and that love may be in the cards for them after all?

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More Than a Passing Shot

Olive’s arrival in Athens, Greece signals the beginning to a new chapter of her life. After three long years, she’s finally ready to put the painful memories and heartache of the past behind her. However, things don’t exactly get off to the best start.  

First, Olive finds that many of the ancient sites are closed due to a national worker’s strike. Then, she suffers an embarrassing coffee spill in front of the most handsome man she’s ever met. A man named Alex. 

However, just like an ancient Greek myth, chance meetings never happen by coincidence; they are an act of fate. 

As Olive and Alex spend time together exploring the stunning architecture and rich history of Greece, she finds herself falling for him. He seems so familiar to her, but she just can’t put her finger on why.  

Will Olive take a risk and open herself up to Alex or will the secret he’s been keeping from her ruin her chance at future happiness? 

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The Unexpected Royals Boxset Books 1-4

Enjoy all your favorite stories featuring Clara, Amanda, Clarissa, and Olive in one convenient location!

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