The Skaters of Sequoia Valley Series


Some rules are meant to be broken.

Frankie has spent the last few years living the life she’s always dreamed of—traveling the world and skating in front of thousands as a professional figure skater. But when her father begins experiencing health problems, she knows she must make the difficult decision to retire and move home.

Once back in Grizzly Springs, Frankie takes a job at a local ice rink, where she meets Charlie, a former national champion in pairs, and the rink’s skating director.

Despite their relationship getting off to a rocky start, Frankie soon discovers that there is much more to Charlie than meets the eye.

As they come together to work toward the goals they both gave up long ago, will their icy relationship melt into something more?

This is a sweet romance about love and second chances. No cursing, kissing only.

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On the ice, finding love is simple. All it takes is a fairy godmother, the wave of a magic wand, and three simple words.

But for Gemma, finding love off the ice has never mirrored the fairy tale.

Living out of a suitcase and on the road most weeks of the year as a professional figure skater has made dating and finding the right guy nearly impossible.

Tired and frustrated at the lackluster results she’s had with dating apps, Gemma decides to take control of her own fate.

While visiting her best friend in the small town of Sequoia Valley, she agrees to go out on a series of dates from a list of guys her friends have put together, and as a fallback, applies to be the next bachelorette on a reality dating show.

However, as Gemma comes to discover, the journey to getting a happily ever after is never straightforward. It’s filled with a series of plot twists, unexpected encounters, and even sloths.

Will Gemma find love in Sequoia Valley? Or will she be hit with Cupid’s arrow elsewhere?

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