Friends of the Unexpected Royals

Designs on Love

Min grew up with dreams of becoming a professional ballerina, but fate had other plans for her.

Fresh out of the London School of Fashion, she’s set her sights on one goal: earning an internship at one of the most exclusive fashion houses in the country—the Clarissa Lee Atelier.

When a series of unfortunate events leads to an unexpected meet-cute with a tall, dark, and handsome royal guard, Min’s plans are suddenly turned upside down.

She never expected to end up with a date with a soldier named Sam instead of applying for her internship.

Despite the setback, it’s not long before Min is offered her shot at a dream design commission. This is everything she’s been working toward. Devoting all her time and energy to it should be a no brainer, except she’s started to fall for Sam, who’s also laser focused on advancing in the army while taking care of his sisters.

As they navigate their growing feelings for each other, Min finds herself at a crossroads. With their careers on the line, can Min and Sam find the time to get their happily ever after?

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