The Royals of Isola Nostrum Books 1-2

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a Jane Austen addict in possession of an airline ticket to Bath must be in want of a Mr. Darcy to call her own.

By day Sabrina is a workaholic administrative assistant. By night she is a devoted reader of Regency romance novels.

Her life is predictable. Eat. Work. Sleep. Repeat. The only thing keeping her going is knowing that come summer, she’ll be heading to the Jane Austen Festival in Bath.

Lorenzo is a prince who doesn’t believe in love. His heart has been broken one too many times. He’s given up hope that a person could ever love him the man instead of just for his royal status.

When a careless mistake at work gets Sabrina fired, she heads to Italy in hopes of figuring out the mess her life has become.

What she wasn’t expecting was to step into a “meet cute” straight from the pages of an Austen novel. When she literally crashes into the handsome Lorenzo–masquerading as a wine merchant–her life is forever changed. They soon learn that their lives are more interconnected than either one of them ever imagined.

Sabrina is beginning to feel as if she might have found her own Mr. Darcy, except, there is one problem–Lorenzo doesn’t want anyone to know he is a prince and he definitely doesn’t want to fall in love.

Could the right person prove to a prince that love can heal the scars of the past?

This is a royal romance for sweet and clean romance readers. Kissing only and no cursing.


Can a royally fake engagement really come with no strings attached?

Nora is a Crown Princess whose last priority is getting married. She’d much rather spend her time with Mr. Darcy-like fictional men.

Lucas is an Earl and a future Duke. Now that he’s back in the UK after spending the last year in Argentina, his father expects him to start learning the duties and responsibilities that come with his title. Except Lucas has other ideas and the only person who he trusts to help him is Nora.

They’ve been friends since their university days and have both grown up facing the weight of expectations that come with having a royal title.

Nora knows better than anyone just how much Lucas loves dinosaurs. When he begins to question his future career plans, she steps in with an offer she knows will solve his problem with the Duke—a fake engagement.

Yet, as Nora and Lucas come to learn, living a lie is anything but easy, especially when there might be more to their friendship than either of them might have thought.

Will the search for prehistoric fossils lead to a discovery of new love?

This is a royal romance for sweet and clean romance readers. Kissing only and no cursing. It is the second in the Royals of Isola Nostrum series, but can be read as a stand alone novel.


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